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eVELP Launches New Course:
Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips AND Tricks

Press release, Hamburg, Germany – 15.05.2024

Hamburg, Germany – eVELP Consortium proudly announces the launch of its new course, “Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks,” designed to empower individuals to share their knowledge through well-crafted workshops. This course is a response to the increasing demand for a more compact and crash-course version of the original Volunteer Educator (VE) course. The new course has been streamlined to a total of 15 hours, offering a step-by-step guide to creating and delivering impactful workshops.

Miganoush Magarian, Co-Founder and CEO of TeachSurfing, shares: “We realized the need for a more compact and accessible version of our VE course. ‘Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks’ is designed to quickly equip individuals with the skills to create meaningful workshops, and we’re excited to see the positive impact it will have.”

Course Overview

The “Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks” course is structured to help participants identify their valuable knowledge and craft engaging workshops that benefit their communities. The course covers essential topics such as assessing personal skills, selecting a workshop topic, creating a workshop proposal, improving public speaking skills, and executing the workshop. It emphasizes practical activities and real-world applications to ensure participants are well-prepared to deliver effective workshops.

Key Features

Course Content

Call to Action

Interested individuals are invited to join the course and start their journey of making a difference through knowledge sharing. For more information and to register, visit evelp.teachsurfing.org.

Stay updated on the latest news and developments by following us on Instagram at eVELP Instagram.

For further inquiries, please contact: evelp@teachsurfing.de

Collaboration and Funding

This course is created in collaboration with the RAISE project partners: TeachSurfing (Germany), CESIE (Italy), CSI (Cyprus), GEYC (Romania), and Heidelberg University of Education (Germany). The RAISE project, funded by the EU Erasmus+ program, aims to support young migrants and refugees in better integrating into the labor market and society. The development of “Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks” aligns with RAISE’s objectives by equipping participants with essential skills to share their knowledge and positively impact their communities.

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