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What is e-VELP?

The Youth Volunteer Educators Program (e-VELP) is an Erasmus+ European project which enables young people with diverse cultural backgrounds under support of e-VELP educated trainers to offer high quality workshops and share their knowledge, skills, and culture with diverse communities through host organizations.


Upon successful completion of the online course, the young participants become so-called Volunteer Educators and receive a quality certificate and 2,5 ECTS credits issued by Vilnius University and an Erasmus+ Youthpass certificate.

Online Courses

Volunteer Educator

Are you young and eager to develop your personal strengths to share your knowledge and culture with multicultural communities?

Volunteer Educator Trainer

Are you interested in gaining practical experience on how to support motivated youth in their journey to create and implement workshops?

Host Organizations

Are you a civil society, non-for-profit organization or educational institute interested in giving young people a platform where they can share their passion, culture and knowledge? Do you gather a community (public, members, students or staff) on a regular basis who is interested in educational workshops and social inclusion? Then register on TeachSurfing and open your door to e-VELP workshops and workshops offered by many other TeachSurfers.

Multicultural knowledge-sharing stories

Khaled offered more than 200 workshops in different topics including: Introduction to Arabic language and culture workshop, and refugees journey to Europe and the challenges they face.

Ani offered a public speaking and presentation skills workshop in Germany. During the workshop participants learned how speak confidently in any life situation: at a job interview, a university presentation, a product pitch or a business meeting. 

Matt offered  “Postcards from the Future” workshop in USA, Germany, and Armenia.

The workshop fosters a better understanding of history, technology, and modern life. during fun activities, participants  convey their dreams and fears for the future.

e-VELP Stories

This project is sponsored by Erasmus+