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How does it work

Looking to share your knowledge through workshops and grow personally and professionally? Explore our workshop creation courses.

Want to mentor youth and gain valuable coaching and mentoring experience? Apply to become a mentor.

Learn how to create workshops

Choose between: “Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks” – A compressed course on how to create and deliver workshops effectively, or “Become a Volunteer Educator” – A comprehensive course that includes the framework for creating and delivering workshops, along with pedagogical and intercultural communication topics.

Impactful Workshop Planning - Tips & Tricks

A step-by-step guide from identifying your valuable knowledge to creating and delivering impactful workshops to communities in need of your expertise.

Become A Volunteer Educator

A comprehensive course designed to help you develop your personal strengths so that you can share your knowledge and culture with multicultural communities.

Become a volunteer educator trainer

We are looking for volunteers with experience in training or coaching to accompany motivated young people on their journey to deliver effective workshops.​

For Organizations

Join TeachSurfing and connect your civil society, non-profit, or educational institution with a world of opportunity. Offer your community—members, students, staff, or the public—access to innovative e-VELP workshops and diverse educational sessions. Elevate learning and promote social inclusion by becoming a hub for cultural exchange and inspiration. Register now to open your doors to global knowledge and passion.

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