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Your Custom Learning Planner Tool

Make your online courses more attractive and personalized for your learners.

About the Project

The Custom Learning Planner Tool (CLP-Tool) is an open-source software developed within the EU Erasmus+ program “Young Refugees AI Student Empowerment Program”. Originating from the need to enhance the personalisation of online courses for learners, this tool empowers educators to digitise their educational coaching activities. By collecting and analysing user data, it takes the initial steps towards building an AI-based decision-making system to personalise the learning experience.

How it works

Educators are provided with technical and pedagogical guidance to construct questionnaires and define decision-making rules. These rules determine which educational content is recommended to learners based on their background, interests, and prior knowledge.

  • Register on this website or deploy your own version of the tool.
  • Follow guided steps to create a tailored survey.
  • Import your course structure.
  • Utilize guidance to establish decision-making rules for content recommendations.
  • No registration required! This tool is used only by educators.
  • Simply complete the survey provided by your educators.
  • Receive a customized learning plan in your mailbox.
  • If using Learnpress LMS, see the optional content marked in the course curriculum.

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The Beta version of the tool integrates Paperform for survey creation and Learnpress Learning Management System for course structure import. Future development aims to support entering course structures and creating surveys in a more versatile manner, ensuring educators aren’t limited to specific technologies or platforms.


Get involved in shaping the future of education technology! Contribute to our open-source project or deploy your own instance of the Custom Learning Planner Tool.
Explore our GitHub project and contact us at evelp@teachsurfing.de to join the collaboration. Let’s innovate together for a better educational experience!


The CLP tool is developed in collaboration with TeachSurfing gUG (Germany), Heidelberg University of Education (Germany), CESIE (Italy), CSI (Cyprus), and GEYC (Romania). For inquiries about the course, contact us at evelp@teachsurfing.de.

This project is sponsored by Erasmus+