2023 – enhancing the e-VELP online courses with the RAISE program

The Young Refugee AI Student Empowerment (RAISE) program aims to support young migrants and refugees new to the European Union to integrate better into the labor market by developing an AI assessment and coaching tool.
To develop and test this new AI tool we search for 100 participants to take the e-VELP course to become a Volunteer Educator (VE) and 60 participants to support the VEs as mentors.

The participation – no matter which role – will take est. 45 – 60 hours

  • learning for life, training for social inclusion
  • finding new international friends
  • helping create the future of education

The participation within the RAISE program can start anytime between February and October 2023 and for a duration of approx. 3 months per participant.

The main goal of the program is for the Volunteer Educators to host their workshops through an organisation and help them prepare for their entrance into the local labor markets.

The e-VELP Journeys within the RAISE program

For Volunteer Educators


Volunteer Educators (VEs) are young, hungry for cultural exchange and eager to develop their personal strengths to share it with a large multicultural community.

Start: 2023

Duration: 2-4 months

Time Investment: 40-60 hours

For VE-Trainers

VE-Trainer Journey e-VELP

Volunteer Educator-Trainers (VE-Ts) are interested in gaining practical experience on how to support motivated youth in their journey to create and implement workshops.

Start: 2023

Duration: 2-4 months

Time Investment: 40-60 hours

Special Offer for Host Organisations

If you are part of an organisation which is interested in hosting the various and different workshops created and offered by the Volunteer Educators for their community, members, students or staff – this is your source of free and non-formal education. We connect you to a big and international community of Volunteer Educators worldwide.

This project is sponsored by Erasmus+