woman hosting workshop

Are you a civil society, non-for-profit organisation or educational institute interested in giving young people a platform where they can share their passion, culture and knowledge? Do you gather a community (public, members, students or staff) on a regular basis who is interested in educational workshops and social inclusion?

Then register on TeachSurfing and open your door to e-VELP workshops and workshops offered by many other TeachSurfers.

Key Benefits

  • Qualitative workshops: access to free and valuable knowledge.
  • Social impact: create social inclusion by getting in direct contact with and learning from representatives of other cultures
  • Exposure: Promoting workshops increases visibility and exposure to new members
  • Outreach: Increase global visibility through the TeachSurfing and e-VELP website. 
  • Network: Get connected to motivated and qualified volunteers and organizations on a national and global level
  • Support services: Support in planning, hosting, and promoting online/offline VE workshops and their outcomes

Your Activities

  • Create a host profile on TeachSurfing.org to get connected to the Volunteer Educators
  • Check out the Host Handbook (bottom of this page) to get an idea about the scope and receive tipps to organise a workshop
  • You will receive and need to consider workshop offers from Volunteer Educators
  • If you find the right match, plan the workshop together with the Volunteer Educator and start promoting it to your community. 
  • After the workshop has been delivered to your guests, collect feedback and share your success story on www.teachsurfing.org

More Information:

It takes an average of one day to host the first e-VELP workshop. If you have previous experience in organising and hosting similar workshops, or if you have an active community who is interested to learn the topic offered by the VE, then your time investment in organising the workshop will be shorter. In the same way, in case you have no previous experience, you may need to invest more time in order to organise a quality workshop.

For example, if you are a cultural centre you can host a VE workshop on presenting new cultures and languages with very low time investment. If you are an IT institute and you already have students and an active community of learners in the field of IT, you can also host a TeachSurfing workshop for your community with low time investment.