A journey of a Volunteer Educator: from war-torn Ukraine to empowering others in Germany.

Volunteer Educator Story, Hamburg, Germany- 17.11.2023

Zainab, a determined Nigerian student, found herself in a challenging situation escaping the war in Ukraine and seeking refuge in Germany. Overcoming language barriers and adapting to a new life as a refugee, Zainab displayed remarkable strength and resilience. Facing rejections and financial challenges, Zainab remained unwavering in her pursuit of education. With the assistance of a German family, she successfully changed her refugee status and secured admission into a University after applying to several.

Zainab’s determination extended to her internship search, where she encountered numerous rejections but in the end found what she was looking for. Undeterred, she continued her journey and is now pursuing her master’s degree in Germany, proving that resilience and perseverance lead to success.

In a recent interview, Zainab expressed deep gratitude for the TeachSurfing Volunteer Educator Program, emphasizing its positive impact on her life. Inspired by her experiences, she decided to share her journey through a workshop titled “Self Empowerment and How to Build Resilience.” (read her success story)

Zainab’s workshop aims to help others facing similar challenges, providing practical insights on overcoming obstacles and staying resilient. She encourages participants to join the Volunteer Educator Online Course, emphasizing the importance of knowledge-sharing and mutual support.

Giving the workshop was a transformative experience for Zainab. Despite initial personal challenges, including a recent move and accommodation issues, she chose to speak to herself positively, reinforcing the resilience she advocates. The act of sharing her story became a form of self-empowerment.

Zainab’s workshop received positive feedback, with one participant expressing that it was precisely what they needed at that moment. Others reached out on LinkedIn, appreciating her insights and expressing interest in future events.

Zainab’s journey from a refugee escaping conflict to a master’s student in Germany, and now a volunteer educator, serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and the impact of knowledge-sharing. Her call to action echoes loudly: “What is the topic you want to share? Join our Volunteer Educator Online Course!”

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