Volunteer Educators e-Learning Program

Ibrahim, Volunteer Educator from Cyprus

Hello my name is Ibrahim Kamara a migrant from Gambia, West Africa. I am 27 years old and born  in a town called Brikama. My culture is the mande; the mandinka or malinke are a West African ethnic group primarily found in southern Mali, in Gambia and Eastern Guinea. Numbering about 11 million they are the largest subgroup of the mande peoples and one of the largest ethnic-linguistic groups in Africa. 


I found about e-VELP through a conversation with a CSI member who motivates and promotes my musical career in Cyprus Nicosia, Annita Tsolaki, who told me about this amazing educational project and from the first conversation I had with Annita at that moment I became in love with the project because it will help me to improve my talent, to allow others to learn from me and also give me the opportunity to link with the local community and beyond.


I have learned a lot now from the project, things like how I will best put up my own workshop to the community and others and it also gives the knowledge about how to structure my goals the best way. My workshop topic is based on African Jamming (drumming) and my culture as well, and the motivation behind is to promote my talent and culture. The best reason I will recommend this program to a friend is because it is educational and amazing.

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