e-VELP Online Courses Launch to Public

Register, join our virtual PR-event and let us feed your hunger for free education and cultural inclusion through the Erasmus+ project e-VELP.

An ever returning question in our everyday business is: How to bridge cultural gaps through knowledge sharing? This is why we created e-VELP - The Young Volunteer Educator e-Learning Program, which will be launched to the public soon.
If you are interested in free education, coaching and social exchange beneath diverse communities - then you should attend this virtual PR-event to get a tool to satisfy yours and your communities interest.
No matter if you are a host organisation, a youth worker, a journalist, a young person looking for a training and challenge, a community member or whatever - you are welcome and we promise you to gain new opportunities for your career after this event.
As this program was originally build for migrants and refugees, we are welcoming you with migration background and recommend to take this course which enables you to offer high quality workshops, to expand your professional network and share your knowledge, skills, and culture with local communities and organisations.
Lean back and let us do the talking for an end-of-week-session. We are looking foward!