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    Coming at the end of my self evaluation of the week, i m mitigate with my result because i did not really cover my learning outcomes. My biggest challenge was to organize to learn and do all the assignments of the chapter B. My volunteer educator trainer  helps me by reviewing my workshop proposal but even though, i did not reach my goal. As a learner, i understood that i needed more time to read theorical course before to put in to practice that what i used to think. I will used the result in the near future in my writing practice and with my workshops programs.

    Baraa Kouli

    I evaluate my self with good grade or maybe not bad. I think the materials are intensive and takes long time so it requires big concentration and motivation to keep up with it. so even though we are going slow but I see that I am on the right pass and I am learning many cool things. specially that learning styles survey thing. I think I wanna use it in my workshop with students as part of the workshop and it will have big effect in informing and guiding them about their learning tendancy and method so that they realize how to optimize their learning process in school and elsewhere

    Charlotte Kay

    Baraa I really agree with your comment. Knowing how we learn, which ways we learn easier, and which ways are more difficult for us to learn is so informative and useful for us, so we know where to improve and what to do.
    When students know they learn better in one way, they can use it.
    Let’s say, someone is better with memorising information through listening, but finds it difficult to memorise through reading. So, this student can record themselves with their phone reading a chapter from their geography book, and then listen to it later on with their earphones while they are doing exercise. Another person might prefer to draw doodles& drawings and label them. I like to work at the big kitchen table, while eating celery, it helps me concentrate 🙂 . There are so many ways to learn, so we should try all of them and see which ones are better for us.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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