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    I am satisfied with my learning results. I have identified my learning style, then I have used Eisenhower Matrix. It was challenging to identify which one can be urgent, important, or none of them. But it was helpful and turned the learning process more productive. Mind Map is also helpful in terms of making connections between tasks, arranging time. The biggest challenging thing was following plans because we have extra work in our daily life. My friends and family members are supportive, and they help me morally for following my plans, do not give up on my goals. I know that I am Pragmatist, and prefer to observe and use the previous data. I also can be an Activist as a second learner style. Because I also prefer to learn by doing, experiential learning is important for me. I have identified my weekly schedule, and I will try to identify the weekly schedule before it starts. I guess all of my knowledge will help my own life and career.

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