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    As a learner, i would describe myself as proactive and reactive in function of the  learning subject and the conditions of learning.  When learning, i directed myself according to the subject, my needs, the goal i want to achieve and the duration of the project. I thing self-directed learning in more than necessary today with the life’s conditions we have actually. But it necessitates to be organize and very motivated. I started to experiment self-directed learning in school when working on tutored projects. Self-directed learning is important for me now because it helps me to initiate project and develop my self-confidence. It will certainly helps me to develop perseverance and achieve my goals in the future. I am not yet a perfect self-directed learner has i wish to be, but I’m improving day over days.

    Tiziana Heck

    Hello Love,

    it is great to hear that the e-Velp course and the self-directed learning approach is valuable to you. I agree, that especially during the current time, self-directed learning is a valuable tool, as it allows us to study online and learn and connect with an international group of people, despite the distance. I am sure that you will also be able to confidently run your workshop and that you will continue to improve your self-directed learning experience by continuing to follow your learning goals. We are all continuing to learn as we go through the e-Velp training, and I find it wonderful that we can connect with each other to support one other with any problems that we may encounter on our self-directed learning journey.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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