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    – What is the moderator’s role in a peer-group supervision session?
    Moderator can facilitate the conversation in the appropriate direction by giving several questions. They can contribute to the discussion by giving some examples from their lives, or observations. It can be useful for participants in terms of understanding the real question.

    – What shall a moderator do and not do during the session?
    Moderator is kind of a facilitator. They do not need to express/her opinions without being agreed or disagreeing. It can demotivate people and they will not be willing for expressing their feelings, strength, or drawbacks.

    – Any open questions about peer group supervision?
    Open questions are important in this kind of conversation, and discussion. It depends on the goal of the moderator. I would ask about their goals which they want to reach at the end of the workshop. I can ask these questions.
    1) What is your targeted goal for the end of the workshop?
    2) How you could encourage participants for being active during the workshop?
    3) Do you willing to continue the connection with participants after workshops for supporting, or helping them?
    4) How could you support them after the workshop?
    5) Do you think it is important, or not?
    6) How participants would use this knowledge in their daily, or work life?
    7) What do you think about the further effect of our workshop?

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