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    I choice to write a short story about SAUL-MORGANA. If there is anyone who has decided to also write about her, i will be glad to compare our story.

    Baraa Kouli

    good luck in your story


    Wow, this is really exciting! I am looking forward in reading your story!

    Baraa Kouli

    I choose to write about Tristan. Tristan Lecomte is from France and lives in Thailand. he plants trees working with his company, he helps small farmers around the world to plant trees to regenerate the ecosystems on which they depend and to reduce our carbon footprint. He has a good Friend that he keeps his picture in his wallet. He thinks that the western world is not happy and he saw people in france wealthy but still less happy than people in Thailand because he thinks that living in harmony with nature is more important than consumption culture. He is willing to make the world covered with green trees. He said that we dont live by dolar and euro but by trees and fruits and vegetables in nature. His healthy life makes him happy and energetic.

    Baraa Kouli

    1. Did you change some aspects about the person you choose after you spoke with another learner? Why?

    I didnt.
    2. What is your first impression after you read information about the person and saw the video? What surprised you the most?

    It was positive, am not surprised.
    3. What do you think about this person after you read information and saw the video?  How would you change the story you wrote about him/her?

    I think he is clever and healthy.
    4. Why do you think is hard to see about a person by only looking at a picture?

    Because a book cant be judged only by it’s cover

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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