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    My self-directing learning process:
    1) I would describe myself as an active learner, for the learning style of Peter Honey, and Alan Mumford I can be a pragmatist, I prefer to based on the previous knowledge, and information, and observe the environment, and process. But I also like to learn by doing. Experiential learning is important for me.
    2) Self-directedness is one of the main parts of my learning process. Learning yourself is important because the person can search, and assimilate the information herself. Of course, getting feedback is important in absorbing new knowledge.
    3) Nowadays I have a lot of experience in self-directedness. I am trying to get knowledge about my research topic, so I have to read a lot of articles, analyze and synthesize this information. So, it is self-directing learning.
    4) If you are an enthusiastic person, and you have strong internal motivation, you can gain success in your career and whole life. The important motivation is internal, not external. If you have an interest you will try to learn and search for what you need. It can take a lot of time, but the things which you learned will be strong, and clear for you. It is also important for me as a learner and teacher. I guess teachers have to be the best learners and open-minded people. I want to study Ph.D. and my interest will help me carry on to my way in the Education field.
    5) I firmly believe that I am a self-directed learner, I know that self-improvement is the main part of the learning process. We can improve ourselves by learning individually or getting feedback from others. But memorizing all reading materials is not the main part of the process. The person can keep in mind some parts of the material or concept, but the main knowledge can gain during the process.

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