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    – What do you know about young migrants and refugees in your community?
    Last year, we had an active war with another country. It made a lot of refugees, and they had to move to another region. As a teacher, I tried to organize some training for refugees, and migrants. I try to continue these actions if I have a chance. Because I know they need to come back to normal daily life. Every person can help them if they have in their community, maybe after the war with Russia, and Ukraine the number of refugees increased.

    – Have you ever supported them in becoming workshop providers?
    Yes, the audience of my workshop were teachers, and students from Barda who had been damaged. Workshops were related to how to use digital learning tools, I taught Science to students in this region.

    – Why do you want to become a VE-Trainer?
    I want to share my knowledge with a lot of educators, teachers, and trainers. Maybe I can support them within the program as a VE-Trainer.

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