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    – How often did you pretend to listen but were actually meantally zooming in and out of the conversation?
    Sometimes I find myself thinking about my problems when I am listening to another person. It is related that overthinking of mine. But I try to be more responsible during my work and listen carefully to other people. It is important to show others that they are crucial.

    – What were the sources of the distraction? Were they external (noise, telephone, boring topics, other people, etc.) or internal (thoughts about something else, tiredness, etc.)?
    I would say both of the distractions I observed in myself, distract me, especially internal distractions. However, thoughts in my mind distract me a lot. If I work, I cat get away my thoughts from the environment and concentrate on my work. I feel powerful myself in this issue. I can fight with my overthinking.

    – What made you pay attention to the conversation? Was it because you felt a connection to the topic/person/situation? Anything else?
    I think I have to pay attention to the conversation for showing my respect to another person, and his ideas. If the topic is related to me, of course, it also could affect paying attention. But mostly the first reason cause paying attention and concentrating on the topic.

    – Try to recall situations when you misunderstood somebody. What went wrong? Was it based on content, a misunderstanding, or a different interpretation? How was the situation resolved, if at all?
    If I lose my attention, I can misunderstand another person. I tried to clarify the issue and told sorry to another person for could not pay attention to his speech. In most of cases, I try to be active listener, and listen carefully to other people.

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