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    I planed to cover the chapter A and B in two weeks either then three to have more time to work in me workshop content. It appear in my Eisenhower Matrix that it was a priority to me to gain theorist knowledge in non informal education to be able to understand the notion of ‘Workshop’.  I planed to spend four hours every day on the course to read and do all the assignments. I am now in the five’s day and i m not to satisfied  on my plan because i have only achieve sixty per cent on my goals. The challenge for me was to manage to time to wash videos and practice fast but i didn’t succeed, even though it was easy to keep my mind focused.  To have fun during the learning, i listen some cool music and take five to ten minutes break after each hour to play my favorite game. My learning is going well. Not as fast as i wish, but gradually and surely since i m undertaking necessary knowledges to achieve my goals in the future.

    Charlotte Kay

    I think you’re doing amazing work Armandine and you have shown great insight on this Chapter B forum with all your posts!

    Baraa Kouli

    I see that love is doing great work. me personally I have a plan for one month in my eisenhower matrix to finish this course in 30 days and submit 1 chapter every week as important and urgent day to day units and I have alot of other missions and job which is also important and urgent. I am negligating the not important urgent and I barely have time for not important not urgent so I am busy these days but I am trying to keep my energy for the prioritized tasks in my schedule so that I dont go crazy at the end of the day


    Tiziana Heck

    Hello Baraa, it sounds like you have a great structure in place and that you are following the plan you created and are steadily making progress in the e-Velp course. Congratulations! Well done. The course material is rather time-intensive, so I think it is good that you have prioritised your different activities according to their urgency and set time aside accordingly.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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