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    I think to find a host organization on social media or on the platform is not to too easy but it may be because i don’t have the good searching approach. But write a draft letter seems  very simple  since we just have to follow the steps indicating in the example and refer to our workshop proposal. About the host organizations i think it is primordial to know what they are working on  and what are their motivations before to be able to determine if we can yes or no make them a workshop proposal.

    Raluca GEYC

    True Love, it is very important to know their target group and what is the NGO doing, what are their activities 👀  Have you started to have a look for Host organizations?



    Hello Raluca. Yes I did. I m actually working on the host organization research. I had a look of your post about GEYC NGO. According to their objectives I m sure they could be interested about my workshop topic.  But they are based in Romania and I m living in cyprus. I am not sure my workshop can have the same impact performing online like it could be face to face. I m doubting..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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