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    I can described a culture shock like a feeling we experience after living our familiar environment or home culture to live in another cultural or social environment. It is a nervousness reaction when a person moves from well known to completely unknown place. It is difficult to avoid culture shock when the change comes but it can be significantly decreased through appropriate preparation. That’s why before to move it would good to have some knowledges about the host culture.  In order to deal with it one must be able to avoid judgements, be open minded and learn how to communicate properly in function of the new environment.

    Tiziana Heck

    Hi Love, I agree with your description of a culture shock and think that you have listed many helpful ideas which may help one to prepare for, or even to prevent, the feeling of culture shock to emerge, when one moves to a new place. Do you know what one might be able to do if they experience this feeling, despite having informed themselves about the new place and despite having kept an open mind towards their new environment? What could be activities or useful tools that might help a person who experiences this emotion?


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello Tiziana. As I said previously it is difficult to avoid culture shock even with a good preparation. It is something very normal because adaptation is not always easy. I think to go out and try to make some friends can help to deal with it. Also it will be important to take care of yourself by eating well and geting some rest as much as possible to reduce nervousness. We can also keep in touch with friends and family we left behind(back home for example), and not forget to practice some physicals activities. Dear Tiziana there are a lot to do and the choice is all yours according to what makes you to feel comfortable.</p>

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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