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    Tiziana Heck

    -What do you know about young migrants and refugees in your community?

    I know that the young migrants and refugees in my community, among other things, have a vast skill set, are highly knowledgable, resilient, motivated, and creative. The community is well-connected and encouraging of each other’s goals.

    – Have you ever supported them in becoming workshop providers?

    So far, I have, unfortunately, not provided support to migrants or refugees who were running workshops. Yet, I am supporting individuals with a refugee background who are eager to start small local businesses, and I enjoy working with them on an individual basis. Supporting them in their efforts is a highly encouraging learning experience for me as well.

    – Why do you want to become a VE-Trainer?

    I believe that workshops are powerful tools, which are not only able to teach individuals new skills, but also create a stronger sense of community, and which function as places for storytelling. I am interested in various forms of education which are also taking place outside of a more traditional classroom setting and think that this is a wonderful way to support efforts of the members of the local community in Nicosia. I am also looking forward to learning from the workshop that the Volunteer Educator will provide.

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